Augustine Brutellian Cornell

The heir to House Cornell, a lad with a heart full of adventure.


Augustine Brutellian Cornell, more commonly known as August, is the first biological child of Lord Aeldin Cornell of Hawkhaven. Born seven years after the Great Sundering of Evil, The banishment of the dread wizard Mirth from Faerun, August is the ripe age of sixteen. His mother was Lady Abbigail Aurheart, from a minor noble family in Waterdeep said to be descended from a mighty golden dragon. From an early age, August proved to be much different from his father and foster brother. He did not care for swords or warfare, rather he loved to read books, perform experiments, and craft fantastical stories in his head to share with anyone who would listen: his mother, the cooks and servants, even the mighty deer in the pastures. As he grew older, August showed no desire to lead his father’s fiefdom, and was greatly relieved when Aeldin granted Mathias, August’s foster brother, charge of Hawkhaven when Aeldin was summoned to Suzail to counsel with King Stagridge when August was only thirteen.

August soon discovered that the stories he concocted in his imagination were more than just mere thought. With enough focus he could pull from his words tangible creations. With simple words and deft hand movements he could conjure a ship of smoke skipping along stormy waters, or paint rooms with the faint light of the aurora borealis. He showed his mother his new found talent, and she was overwhelmed with happiness. She quickly penned a letter to Aeldin, telling him of their son’s gift and asked if they could send August to one of the many colleges throughout Faerun. Aeldin denied her request saying that August was the rightful heir of Hawkhaven and he needed to learn how to be a noble. Aeldin stated that August was to be sent down to Suzail so that he may join Aeldin in the Royal Court and learn. Heartbroken, Abbigail complied with her husbands request, and arranged for Sir Agthar Thandurin, the noted Dragon Slayer and August’s godfather, to take August to be with Aeldin. Sir Agthar was unaware of August’s gift, and one night as they were cleaning up dinner to sleep for the night, August produced the sound and smell of a goblin band off in the distance. Sir Agthar, hasty for combat even in his upper 50s, told August to lay low in camp and he would go rout the goblins. With Sir Agthar now rushing off towards the phantom senses, August seized his opportunity. He tore down the side trails to the nearest stream, where he paid a local fisherman to use a spare canoe. August floated down the river and arrived in Suzail’s port where using a map given to him from his mother he booked passage to the marvelous city of Baldur’s Gate to seek the training he needed.

Augustine Brutellian Cornell

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