Malaggar "Mal" Flamescourge


Malaggar is a high elf. He has large golden eyes with almost no pupils. Mal is a solid 6 feet tall (very tall for an elf). His skin is pale white. His hair is shoulder length and solid white in color. He seems to have a perpetual frown.


Born in the Dalelands, Mal was a young sorcerers apprentice. A human sorcerer that was visiting his group, convinced Mal to take part in a ritual that he was told would enhance his power. Something went wrong, although Mal is very tight lipped when asked about it. What we do know is that the sorcerer was offering the child up as a sacrifice to a powerful evil entity. The evil saw potential within the young elf and spared his life. Instead the evil imbued the young elf with the power the sorcerer wanted and informed him of what the sorcerer meant to do. Mal turned on the sorcerer and chased him away. Now Mal understands the dark covenant that he entered into and knows he must pay the price for his youthful naivete. He knows that he must give his soul up at the end of his life but now he tries to use his dark powers to do some good before he finally dies. While Mal tries very hard to be a good guy he definitely has a dark side and is incredibly slow to trust people.

Malaggar "Mal" Flamescourge

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